Insight and actionable intelligence for the funeral home industry.

What is Performance Tracker™?

Family satisfaction is directly tied to a funeral business’s financial success! The JCG Performance Tracker™ provides funeral homes and cemeteries timely, accurate measurements of customer service and sale performance. This program surveys your family’s satisfaction and records all sales details allowing you to closely monitor arranger, location and company performance to enable actionable measures to improve your business.

JCG Performance Tracker™ Features

See what makes JCG Performance Tracker™ one of a kind for the funeral and cemetery industry.

Sample Reports

A snapshot of customer satisfaction and sales performance reports generated by JCG Performance Tracker™.

What Our Customers Say…

“JCG Performance Tracker™ provides the most accurate and comprehensive reports of its kind. It’s revolutionized the way our directors do performance analysis of arrangers and management staff.”

“Very inclusive tool with countless features that take the time consuming work out of daily jobs, allowing my staff and I to focus on the important things; like taking care of our families at need. Excellent tool!”

“Highly impressed with how the complex calculations are made easy to understand and interpret in all of the Sales Analysis and Sales Snapshot reports. JCG Performance Tracker™ is a “must have” application for anyone working in the funeral home industry.”

“Thoroughly enjoy working with this user-friendly software; with ease of operation and the versatile options and enhanced features that allow me to stand apart from my local competition for all of my business divisions. Thank you JCG Performance Tracker™!”

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